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Questionnaire for car insurance

Aurels: Questionnaire Mobilité
0. Preamble
1. Identification of the policyholder
If the policyholder is not the usual driver, please specify this in the comments
2. Driver's licence
3 Risk identification and use of the vehicle
4. Estimation of Vehicle valuation
5. Visual appearance of the vehicle
6. Vehicle: technical characteristics
7. Questions
8. Choice of garanties
9. Complement
10. You are requested to send us (if necessary)
1) A copy of your registration card (carte grise);
2) A copy of your ID card
3 ) A copy of your curent car insurance
4) A copy of your bonus/penalty certificate
5) A copy of your driver's licence
6) A copy of the proof for subscription to geolocalisation
7) A copy of the the statement of the car's condition
4) Any other document you find useful
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