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Questionnaire for a home insurance

Aurels: Questionnaire Assurance Habitation
1. Identification of the policyholder
2. Description
3 Description du risque
3.2. 1. How many persons ( adults / children) at home
Adults :
.Monthly rent (charges included)
.Effective date of the lease contract
4. Estimate: Insurance of the building based on the developed area (house, garage) / the number of rooms (apartment)
habitable surface (m2)
Surface garage (m2)
Surface cellars (m2))
Attic area (m2)
Garden shed area (m2)
Surface area of ​​other permanent building used as a shed (m2)
Total number of main rooms (including verandas, winter gardens, sports halls, mezzanines, ...) and of less than 30 m²
(except bathrooms, toilets, halls, corridors, and rooms under 8m²)
Number of rooms + 30m2
5. Estimate: Building insurance based on capital (chalet, caravan, etc.)
6. Amount insured (occupant and non-occupant)
Building (Occupant / Non Occupant
Rental risk (occupant)
Building improvement (occupant)
Effect of condominum (Non-occupant)
Furniture & contents (occupant/Non occupant)
Object of value (occupant/non-occupant)
7. Couvertures
General basic included garanties
      ■ Fire and related cover This cover applies in the case of damage caused to the building or insured contents.
      ■ Attacks & public demonstations, vandalism and damage to property : for damage to your home's external walls, including graffiti.
      ■ Storms, hail, weight of snow and ice on roofs if a storm or hail damage to your home and insured contents...
      ■ Water damage and frozen pipes This cover insures you for damage to your insured building and contents.
      ■ Broken glass or mirrors in case of accidentally broken windows
      ■ Costs, losses and liabilities costs of temporary closure of the building, excavation and demolition, furniture storage, cleaning,... in case of any fire, storm, water damage,...
      ■ Home assistance: You may need help following a claim (finding new accommodation, cover for your children and pets, cover if you need to return early from holiday, …)
8. Questions
9. You are requested to send us (if necessary)
1) A copy of your ID card
2 ) A copy of your curent homer insurance
3) Any other document you find useful
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